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Commodities Trade

Delta Rice Trading

Delta provides you with long grain Basmati rice and white rice from the lush green and water filled fields of Punjab (Pakistan). When it comes to providing quality white rice and Basmati rice, Delta is one name which stands out. Our quality rice is accredited with high nutritive value, easily digestible, contaminant free and easy to cook. All requirements and shipments to our clients are made year around keeping in view consistent quality assurance measures. It is the quality of our rice that has made us one of the leaders in the industry. What sets us apart from others is our desire to build an everlasting relationship with our customers by supplying them with high quality rice. Our aim has always been to provide high quality rice keeping in view the satisfaction of our clients. Backed by years of experience we manufacture the finest quality Basmati rice, making the importing process simple, guiding our clients through every step. Our quality rice is being served to clients Middle East and European Countries. Review our different varieties of rice and contact us today for a free sample.

Processing Capacity

1. Paraboiling facility 100T/day 
2. Milling and Processing facility 80T/day

Storage Facility

Delta has a large and hygienic storage facility. Delta can hold stores up to 5000 MT. Stocks are fumigated regularly and monitored from time to time to ensure high quality rice supply to its valued customers



Delta Sugar (ICUMSA 45) Trade

Delta works with ICUMSA 45 sugar producers in Brazil and end-users around the world, to source and place their physical sugar requirements. That is the President of Delta above in the picture at a sugar refinery in Brazil 2010 with a representative of the plant. Delta is an experienced and vibrant industry force in the world's sugar trading markets. We work with producers and suppliers in Brazil and have formed powerful connections with end-buyers and procurers globally to source the best ICUMSA 45 sugar at the lowest prices. We work strategically to ensure that our knowledge, experience and wealth of connections are utilized to maximum effect. 


ICUMSA 45 Sugar is the most popular sugar consumed globally. This sugar is carefully refined and defined by its pure white color and sweet sucrose flavor. ICUMSA 45 Sugar is regarded as a highly safe product because the refining process removes any harmful bacteria and ensures a clean, highly versatile and healthy product. ICUMSA, or International Commission For Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis, is an international body that carefully regulates the testing methods of analysis used to define the properties of sugar. This system allows for a meaningful and precise internationally agreed upon standard that empowers traders globally to interact in a consistent and standardized manner. ICUMSA 45 Sugar is categorized by ratings based on color. Essentially, the more highly refined the sugar, the whiter the color. 


ICUMSA 45 Sugar is derived originally from sugar cane, or in some instances, sugar beet. Contaminants are removed from the raw sugar using a high-speed centrifugal chamber. Sugar crystals are removed and dissolved. Carbonation occurs ensuring that all excess contaminates are removed from the sugar. The solution is boiled to disperse excess water and encourage further sugar crystal growth. 


We are ideally located to source outstanding sugar suppliers. We work with the best Brazilian sugar suppliers, with competitively priced ICUMSA 45 Sugar for markets globally. 


We can source and facilitate the supply of ICUMSA 45 Sugar for consumer markets for global exportation. Our suppliers can expertly facilitate freight forwarding and manage the entire transportation process. From the origination and aggregation of products for export from primary producers, we can help at any stage, or all stages, of the buying process. 


Our network of sugar suppliers conform exactly to SGS standards for ICUMSA 45 sugar, providing our buyers with a safe, standardized and carefully tested product that is strongly in demand. Our company is ideally positioned to ensure that commodity price and volume risks are firmly controlled and we are committed to securing the best market prices possible from our sugar suppliers.